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In today’s dismal economy taking a vacation can seem like a long shot for a lot of families, airfare, hotel, food, car and many more expenses start to add up. This is why now more and more people are looking to save money in everyway possible without ruining the good memories built in during a vacation. One of the things people are looking a lot into is care rental deals. These can come in coupons, special offers, weekend discounts, special packages, etc.


Car rental deals are also offered through specialty websites dedicated to reduced price services like, cheap airplane tickets, discount hotels and of course car rental deals. And though these sites offer great car rental deals I have found that many times going directly through the rental place can often be much more rewarding. Why? It is very simple. The websites that offer car rental deals have a lot of more restrictions in addition to the ones the rental place already has. And, because you have to pay upfront, the sale is usually final, and if something were to happen and you were to cancel your trip you lose your money; unless of course, you purchase cancellation insurance.


On the other hand, a rental place will offer very good car rental deals, including coupons that can only be redeemed if booking directly with them. There are some car hire places that also offer special weekend packages, weekly rates, and even vacation deals. These car rental deals can not be found on a discount site. So I recommend you shop around, compare prices and compare company car rental deals before deciding which bargain is best for you! Remember, the more you save on your car the more money you have for gas and the sight seeing road trip you had in mind