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A car rental company is a place where people hire a car for a few days and return it having paid a fee for the use of the vehicle. The bigger companies usually lease a large number of automobiles, in different sizes, from different makers, and in different styles. Although some do purchase their rental fleet and later sell the cars in the used car market, once they are removed from the rental market. No matter which is the process that the car rental company uses to acquire their cars, these are then rented to customers for a nominal fee. The fees in a car rental company vary from company to company, branch office and even city to city.


A car rental company establishes fees based on different factors, first and foremost, the size and convenience of the vehicle. This is a daily fee. In addition to the daily fee, a car rental company can also charge a mileage fee. This one can result quite costly if you are renting the vehicle for leisure, since you might be moving about a lot doing sightseeing, so inquire about unlimited mileage. Other additional fees are insurance fees, child seat fees (if you bring your own child car seat there is no fee), additional driver fees, and of course taxes. Be sure to find out about all of the fees you will be charged when booking your car, be it online or over the phone. A car rental company in good standing will supply all of this information to you either on their website or through a branch office.


Remember, that the same way a car rental company has terms and conditions for its customers, they too are subject to many conditions which also vary from location to location. Hence making the process a safe and trustworthy transaction for all parties involved.